Embedded PC System With PCIe Slot


● Available with Intel 6th or 7th Core i3/i5/i7 desktop processors;
● Q170 industrial chipset support;
● 2x DDR4, Dual channels, Max. up to 32GB;
● Max. expansion up to 10*USB ports;
● Max. expansion up to 6* Intel RJ45 ports;
● Max. expansion up to 8* serial ports;
● 3* Disk storage, support RAID, 2* PCIe slots expansion.
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Product Details

Product overview:

The TAICENN embedded PC system with PCIe slot ABOX-E7DS, is a high-performance multi-I/O embedded computer with the latest Intel 6th or 7th generation Core i7/i5 /i3 processor (TDP=65W), Q170 industrial-grade chipset. It offers powerful computing performance and excellent image processing capabilities, making it ideal for imaging, visual inspection, dimensional measurement, industrial automation, security, and high-resolution medical imaging applications where image and computing power are critical.

This product uses PWM automatic speed control turbo fan combined with super large aluminum heat sink fin and 3x copper tube to achieve active heat dissipation design, which perfectly solves the high-performance CPU heating power problem, provides a more efficient cooling solution, and durable cable-free. 

The whole machine supports up to 3x hard disk storage, RAID 0,1,5 support. It can integrate with M.2-2242 SSD, up to 512GB capacity, and the front IO has a plug-in hard disk with extended storage capacity and the ability to use hot-swappable SATA drives. The bit meets the insertion requirement of 5~9.5mm notebook hard disk, and another 5~9.5mm 2.5 inch notebook hard disk is reserved inside. It also supports standard PCIe slots and integrates common PCIe function cards, so the ABOX-E7DL series is a configurable multi-application platform.

The difference between ABOX-E7DL and ABOX-E7DS

1- ABOX-E7DL integrate with lower power CPU, which TDP is around 35W, ABOX-E7DS integrate with higher power CPU, which TDP is around 65W.

2- ABOX-E7DL is totally fan-less designed, but ABOX-E7DS designed with a silent fan for CPU heat cooling.