Full HD PCAP Touch Panel Display

21.5-inch wide screen Full HD pcap touch panel display
● 21.5’’ TFT LCD, LED backlit, Resolution 1920*1080;
● projected capacitive touch screen (10-points) touch;
● Aluminum-magnesium alloy, anodic treatment;
● Multi DVI+VGA signal input, Panel mounting;
● DC 12V power input, Optional with wide-voltage 9~36V;
● Optional No-touch feature, with tempered glass.

Product Details

Product Overview:

TAICENN Full HD pcap touch panel display TM-PC215 series is an enhanced stability and reliability industrial 21.5-inch panel mounting projected capacitive touch screen product. The design uses a multi-point (10- points) projective capacitive touch screen, and it can fulfill front panel NEMA/IP65 dust-proof and water-proof standards.

The Full HD pcap touch panel display TM-PC215 uses full-sealed box construction, and its front panel complaints NEMA / IP65 waterproof and dustproof standard, to prevent installation in the control cabinet because of the scene splashing water droplets and water vapor into the host and thus affect equipment operation; high-strength steel box structure, so that it can adapt to the harsh industrial site work environment, the most suitable for factory automation, machinery manufacturing, CNC equipment, textile equipment, communication networks, power automation and other industrial applications.


FAQ: Whats the MES with Full HD pcap touch panel display?

MES may operate across multiple function areas, for example: management of product definitions across the product life-cycle, resource scheduling, order execution and dispatch, production analysis and downtime management for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), Product Quality, or materials track and trace. TAICENN full HD pcap touch panel display can be used for MES application for display performance. Although historically, exact boundaries have fluctuated. Industry groups such as MESA International—Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association were created in the early 1990s in order to address the complexity, and advise on execution, of MES Systems.


FAQ2: How to Select an HMI?

An HMI is a substantial purchase, so it is important to know exactly what is required of it. An HMI is used for three primary roles: a pushbutton replacer, data handler, and overseer. The pushbutton replacer takes the place of LEDs, On/ Off buttons, switches or any mechanical device that performs a control function. The elimination of these mechanical devices is possible because the HMI can provide a visual representation of all these devices on its LCD screen, while performing all the same functions. The Data Handler is used for applications that require constant feedback and monitoring. Often these Data Handlers come equipped with large capacity memories. The last of the HMI three types is referred to as the overseer, because it works with SCADA and MES. These are centralized systems that monitor and control entire sites or complexes of large systems spread out over large areas.


Basic Parameter


OSD Button in back panel

Overall Dimension

527 x 318.7 x 51mm (W*H*D)

Hole Dimension

516 x 308 mm (W*H)


Front Panel: Aluminum-magnesium alloy, anodic treatment
Back panel: SGCC


Panel Mounting, VESA 75/100

Display port

1*DVI ,1*VGA

New weight

5 KG



21.5’’ TFT LCD


1920 * 1080 (Full HD)

Backlit MTBF

WLED, 50 000 hours


250 (cd/m2)

Display area

476.64 x 268.11 mm (H x V)

Contrast ratio

3000: 1 (Typ.)

Viewing angle

89/89/89/89 (Typ.)



Projective capacitive (P-cap.)


USB (Optional RS232)



Touch points

Multi-points, Max. up to 10 Points


>100 000 000 times

Surface hardness

Mohs 6H

Operating force


Special treatment

Anti-fingerprint treatment

Power & Environmental

Working temperature

0℃~+60 ℃

Storage temperature

-20℃~+70 ℃

Water Proof

IP65 rating in front panel

Relative humidity

10~95%@10℃(No condensation)


50~500Hz,1.5G,0.15mm peak to peak


10G/peak(11ms sec)

Power input

DC 12V or DC 24V

Power consumption

Around 25W




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FAQ3: What is HD resolution?

HD television is offered in several resolutions. The most common is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high, known as 1080i or 1080p. Less common but still HD is 720 line (1280 x 720). Both 1080i and 720p are considered to be full HD and are the two standards used in broadcast today. TAICENN Full HD pcap touch panel display TM-PC215 is 1920 x 1920 high resolution display.

Ordering Information:


21.5’’ TFT LCD, 1920*1080, P-cap touch, 1*DVI, 1*VGA, DC 12V, 40W power adapter, Cables


21.5’’ TFT LCD, 1920*1080, P-cap touch, 1*DVI, 1*VGA, DC 9~36V, Cables


21.5’’ TFT LCD, 1920*1080, P-cap touch, 1*DVI, 1*VGA, DC 12V, Cables


21.5’’ TFT LCD, 1920*1080, P-cap touch, 1*DVI, 1*VGA, DC 9~36V, 40W power adapter, Cables


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