Wide Screen PCAP Touch Panel Monitor

wide screen pcap touch panel monitor
● 21.5’’ TFT LCD, LED backlit, Resolution 1280*1024;
● Projective capacitive multi-points (10-points) touch;
● Aluminum-magnesium alloy, anodic treatment;
● Multi DVI+VGA signal input, open frame mounting;
DC 12V power input, Optional with wide-voltage 9
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Product Details

Product Overview:

TAICENN TM-OC215 series is an enhanced stability and reliability industrial wide screen pcap touch panel monitor product. The design uses a multi-point (10- points) projective capacitive touch screen, and it can fulfill front panel NEMA/IP65 dust-proof and water-proof standards.

The wide screen pcap touch panel monitor TM-OC215 uses full-sealed box construction, and its front panel complaints NEMA / IP65 waterproof and dustproof standard, to prevent installation in the control cabinet because of the scene splashing water droplets and water vapor into the host and thus affect equipment operation; high-strength steel box structure, so that it can adapt to the harsh industrial site work environment, the most suitable for factory automation, machinery manufacturing, CNC equipment, textile equipment, communication networks, power automation and other industrial applications.

FAQ: Main Differences Between IP65, IP66, and IP67

Depending on your project, the differences between these three ratings can be very important. A fixture rated with any of the three of these ratings is equally protected against dust, dirt, sand, and debris (as indicated by the “6” digit). The liquid/water protection for each of these three ratings is unique.

IP65 – Water resistant

IP66 – Water resistant against powerful jets

IP67 – Protected against complete temporary water submersion


A fixture with an IP rating of 65 is protected against multi-directional, low-pressure water jets. In order to pass testing and achieve an IP65 rating, fixtures must be able to withstand water projected by a 0.25-inch nozzle. To achieve satisfactory results, this test must be run for a minimum of fifteen minutes, with the water source placed three yards from the fixture. Additionally, the water pressure must be 30 kPa with water volume of 3.3 gallons per minute.

TAICENN wide screen pcap touch panel monitor TM-OC215 support front panel IP65 rating protection.


An IP66 rated fixture is protected against multi-directional, high-pressure water jets. To pass IP66 testing, the fixture must be able to withstand water projected from 0.50-inch nozzle, multi-directional, high-pressure jets. This test must be run for a minimum of three minutes, at a distance of three yards, with a water volume of 26.4 gallons per minute and a pressure of 100 kPa.


A fixture rated at IP67 is protected from water immersion between 5.9 inches and 39.37 inches. To pass IP67 testing, the fixture must not permit ingress of harmful quantities of water when fully immersed. There must be at least 5.9 inches of water above the fixture for the test to be valid.

Basic Parameter


OSD Button in back panel

Overall Dimension

533.4 x 331.2 x 55

Hole Dimension

529.4 x 327.2


Front Panel: Aluminum-magnesium alloy, anodic treatment
Back panel: SGCC


Open frame mounting, support VESA

Display port

Support DVI + VGA

Voltage Input

12V (Optional 24V)

Power Consumption


New weight




21.5’’ TFT LCD


1920 * 1080




250 (cd/m2)

Backlit MTBF

30 000 hours

Display area

478.0 x 269.8

Contrast ratio

3000: 1

Viewing angle

85/85/80/80 (Typ.)



Projective capacitive (P-cap.)


USB (Optional RS232)



Touch points

10 Points


>100 000 000 times

Surface hardness

Mohs 6H

Operating force



Working temperature

0℃~+60 ℃

Storage temperature

-20℃~+70 ℃

Water Proof

IP65 rating in front panel

Relative humidity

10~95%@10℃(No condensation)


50~500Hz,1.5G,0.15mm peak to peak


10G/peak(11ms sec)