5G and Cloud Robot

- Jan 17, 2019-

In the intelligent manufacturing production scenario, robots need the ability of self-organization and cooperation to meet the flexible production, which brings the demand of robots for cloud. Compared with traditional robots, cloud robots need to connect to the cloud control center through the network, based on ultra-high computing capacity platform, and real-time operation control of manufacturing process through large data and artificial intelligence. A large number of computing and data storage functions are moved to the cloud by cloud technology robots, which will greatly reduce the hardware cost and power consumption of the robots themselves. In order to meet the requirements of flexible manufacturing, robots need to be able to move freely. Therefore, in the process of robotic cloud computing, wireless communication networks are required to have very low latency and high reliability.

5G network is the ideal communication network for cloud robots and the key to enable cloud robots. 5G slice network can provide end-to-end customized network support for cloud robotic applications. 5G network can achieve end-to-end communication delay as low as 1ms, and support 99.999% connection reliability. Strong network capability can greatly meet the challenges of delay and reliability of cloud robots.

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