5G and Internet of Things Technology

- Jan 17, 2019-

With the advancement of intelligent transformation of factories, the Internet of Things (IOT), as a key supporting technology for connecting people, machines and equipment, has attracted great attention of enterprises. This demand not only promotes the application of the Internet of Things to the ground, but also greatly stimulates the development of 5G technology. Faced with the complex industrial interconnection needs, 5G technology needs to adapt to different industrial scenarios, and can meet most of the Internet of Things connection needs. Therefore, 5G and the Internet of Things are mutually reinforcing. The landing of Internet of Things applications relies on 5G to provide different scenarios of wireless connections. The maturity of 5G technical standards also needs the stimulation and promotion of the application needs of the Internet of Things.

In the process of promoting the landing of the Internet of Things, the three major scenarios of 5G can support different functional application requirements. For example, eMBB can support high-bandwidth application scenarios such as remote video surveillance and video conferencing; mMTC can meet the data connection and transmission needs of a large number of Low-Power Embedded terminals. URLLC can reduce the target of network waiting time to less than 1 millisecond to support many indicators and requirements of real-time data transmission of system and equipment in industrial automation control process.

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