5G is a revolution to the cloud

- Jun 10, 2019-

Just as the transition from “feature phones” to “smart phones”, 5G will also promote changes in various field terminals, such as AR smart glasses, the widespread use of MEC mobile edge computing devices, and changes in the form of terminal devices.

As 5G shortens the "distance" between the cloud and the end, it may accelerate the process of "edge cloud collaboration" and "terminal slimming".

In fact, this trend has existed before the arrival of 5G. For example, Schneider's latest M262 controller has embedded cloud platform access capability, which can realize machine-to-machine and machine-to-cloud direct connection, and the integration speed is increased by 40%. By allowing plug-and-play embedded system access, reducing debugging and service work by approximately 50%, installation costs are reduced by 30%.

5G's enhanced broadband makes the difference between the cloud and the local smaller, and the "thinning" terminal will be cheaper, such as "cloud industrial robots." In the imagination, the brain of this robot is in the cloud, and the 5G ultra-high speed communication network acts as a nerve, and the robot hardware becomes a pure body.