5G landing is a game war between countries

- May 17, 2019-

On June 6, 1944, nearly three million Allied soldiers rushed to Normandy, France, and successfully opened up the second battlefield of the European continent, reversing the strategic situation of the Second World War.

The research and development of 5G technology has opened up the "New World", and countries (regions) including China, the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, etc. are all spared no effort to promote the large-scale commercial process of 5G technology, a 5G "land landing battle" "Suddenly staged. In April 2019, South Korea announced the official commercialization of 5G. Subsequently, the United States and Switzerland also joined the 5G commercial team. In addition, many countries including China and Japan plan to achieve full commercial use of 5G in 2020, 5G China. The landing battle is not intense.

"China's accelerated deployment of 5G networks is also related to national interests." Dr. Zhang Jun said that the reason why the country's accelerated deployment of 5G networks is an important factor in international political factors. The Sino-US trade friction conflict has escalated, and the US attempts to curb the development and rise of China's 5G technology by killing Huawei. Accelerating the deployment of 5G networks is a strong response, but also for the domestic economic stimulus.

Before 4G, “Huawei is also working for Qualcomm.” Only by mastering the core technology can we be free from people and create more social value. Dr. Zhang Jun pointed out that in the wireless communication market, Qualcomm relies on patent accumulation, owns the core patents of the mainstream 2G, 3G, and 4G standards in the world, and announced the licensing fees for 5G related patent technologies as early as 2017. By mastering a large number of core patents, Qualcomm can collect large patent fees from domestic and foreign mobile phone manufacturers every year.

Through years of research and huge R&D investment, Huawei has 1970 (55%) of the necessary patents for 5G standards by the end of 2018, ranking first in the world and participating in the development of 5G standards, because Huawei is on 5G technology. A large number of patents are available, which can effectively reduce the expenditure of domestic communication vendors on Qualcomm's patent fees in 5G network deployment.