5G promotes Intelligent factory construction

- Apr 23, 2019-

While the country strongly supports the development of the manufacturing industry and promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries toward smart manufacturing and high-end manufacturing, many regions in China have actively carried out smart factory construction and hope to use technologies and equipment such as 5G, Internet of Things and robots. Eliminate unnecessary production links and further improve the production efficiency of products to better meet the manufacturing requirements of the intelligent era.

In terms of flexible manufacturing mode, 5G can better meet the flexible mobility of industrial robots and the high requirements of differentiated business processing, and provide manufacturing services covering the entire life cycle of supply chain, production workshop and products. In the process of building a smart factory, 5G can replace wired industrial Ethernet to achieve high-quality data transmission and transmission, and effectively reduce the occurrence of data jams and losses.

For example, Guiyang 5G Experimental Network Integrated Application Demonstration Project has completed the platform access of the 5G Innovation Lab to the Aerospace Cloud Network. Through the 5G network to upload massive industrial equipment information to the cloud in real time with ultra-low latency, the management personnel can monitor the manufacturing process and equipment status of the entire product in real time and efficiently. Compared with the original model, this is undoubtedly an innovation.