AG treatment display panel monitor & panel pc

- Apr 11, 2019-


Whenever people is using an industrial monitor or industrial panel computer for outdoor environment applications. The sun-readable is mandatory features to users. But sometimes, people still find some difficulties to view on the display screen directly and easily. So today, let's talk and discuss AG treatment display panel for TAICENN capability.

Noun interpretation:

AG --- anti-glare, is the effect of multi-angle diffuse reflection on the single or double side of the glass surface, thus improving the viewing angle of the screen, reducing the interference of ambient light, reducing The screen is reflective. The film can be formed by spraying + baking, using a colloidal solution such as SiO2.

AG treatment display

Principle: Through the scattering and diffuse reflection of light, reduce the reflection to achieve anti-stun, anti-glare purpose, to create clarity transparent visual space for better visual enjoyment.

AG coating products application areas:

   1) The frames of the famous paintings and calligraphy of the high-level galleries and art galleries will keep the calligraphy and paintings for a long time and never fade.

   2) Protection of valuable cultural relics such as museums and archives.

   3) Electronic whiteboard, DLP/LCD touch screen, DLP/LCD TV wall. High light transmittance and anti-glare.

   4) Precision instrument screen, medical equipment window, LCD display window, electronic product window, etc.

   5) KFC, McDonald's and other restaurants order menu, the product name is clearly visible, will not see the light reflection phenomenon.

   6) Airport, hotel signage, instruction screen, etc.

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