AI changes traditional medical industry

- Jan 07, 2019-

With the progress of depth learning algorithm, artificial intelligence is applied to speech recognition, natural language processing, face recognition, video analysis, unmanned driving and so on. In the medical field, artificial intelligence has demonstrated extraordinary ability, and there are real benefits to health care. 

Now, machine learning has begun to make it easier for doctors to view and analyze patients' conditions, allowing them to make smarter treatment decisions quickly. Artificial intelligence has dramatically improved the medical industry, for example by sequencing genes to diagnose and treat diseases early and even to prevent potential disease from occurring. In addition, the medical industry will use more advanced technology, such as 3D printing equipment to create matching limbs to achieve personalized general therapy. 

In addition, hospitals will use assistive robots to improve surgical outcomes and reduce nursing costs, and so on, and these potential applications are occurring one by one.

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