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- Apr 11, 2019-


As we all know, capacitive industrial panel computer and capacitive industrial monitor products are always designed with a tempered glass cover, so as to fulfill capacitive touch function. If there will be no any treatment on the glass cover, there will be some minus effect, especially under complicated industrial application environment. So it always request anti fingle touch panel for industrial panel pc and industrial monitor products.

I- Noun Interpretation and principle:

AF ---- Anti-fingerprint. Generally, SiO2+AF materials (DON, M4, Dow Corning AF materials) are generally vacuum evaporated.


AF anti-fouling anti-fingerprint glass is based on the principle of lotus leaf, coating a layer of nano-chemical material on the outer surface of the glass to minimize the surface tension of the glass, reducing the contact area between the dust and the glass surface by 90%, making it strong, Hydrophobic, anti-oil, anti-fingerprint capability; make the glass panel of the screen maintain a smooth and bright performance for a long time.


Applicable materials: all kinds of glass or plexiglass PC, PMMA, PET...

II- Anti-fingerprint processing process.

   1. pre-treatment: use weak alkaline cleaner or solvent to remove oil stains such as oil and moisture on the surface of the substrate, and clean it by ultrasonic cleaning for a better performance;

   2. plating the AF liquid on the surface of the product to form a film;

   3. Baking: After spraying, take out the glass and put it into the oven (120 degrees, 30 minutes), adjust to the specific requirements and product conditions;

   4. Cleaning: After the product is cleaned, the finished product is packaged.

III- AF coating product features:

   1) Antifouling: Prevent fingerprints and oil stains from adhering easily and easily erasing;

   2) Anti-scratch: the surface is smooth, feels comfortable, and is not easy to scratch;

   3) Thin film layer: excellent optical properties, without changing the original texture;

   4) Abrasion resistance: with true wear resistance

anti finger touch panel

In TAICENN technology, all TM series monitors and TPC series industrial panel computer defaultly with Anti finger touch panel feature. Because we developed the tempered glass by ourselves, and OEM the touch panel from our core partner. So we can have a good quality and low-cost in our Pcap. touch products.

TAICENN, is a leading global solution provider of Embedded Box PC, Touch panel PC and industrial monitor, which are designed specifically for systems and applications that require excellent performance, high-level reliability and stability, long supply period and supports.

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