Application of Industrial Automation Control

- Jan 17, 2019-

Automation control is the most basic application in manufacturing plants, and the core is closed-loop control system. During the control period of the system, each sensor is continuously measured, and the measured data is transmitted to the controller to set the actuator. Typical closed-loop control process cycle is as low as MS level, so the communication delay of the system needs to reach ms level or even lower in order to ensure the accurate control of the control system, at the same time, the reliability of the system is also very high. If the production process is delayed too long, or control information transmission errors may lead to production shutdown, which will cause huge financial losses.

5G can provide extremely low time extension, high reliability and mass connection network, which makes it possible for closed-loop control applications to connect through wireless networks. Based on the measured capability of Hua5G, the time delay of empty port can reach 0.4ms, the downlink rate of a single cell can reach 20Gbps, and the maximum number of cells can support 10 million + connections. Thus, only 5G network in mobile communication network can meet the requirements of closed-loop control network.

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