Application of industrial computer in intelligent parking system

- Mar 30, 2020-

With the rapid development of China's economy, the number of automobiles has been very large, and it has been increasing year by year. Related to this, the phenomenon of "difficult parking" has gradually become an urgent problem.

Upgrading traditional garages to enable them to address the widespread “difficult parking” and related issues. Based on the upgrade requirements, we need to establish a complete set of design schemes for the underground garage guidance and management system. And the architecture of this solution is indispensable for industrial control computers with bus control functions. In this article, we recommend for everyone the application of the industrial computer in the intelligent parking system.


Application of industrial computer in intelligent parking system.

Features of hardware design in system architecture:

1. The industrial control chip based on X86 chip is adopted, and the parking space is detected through the photoelectric switch;

2. Use the LCD screen and LED signage as the guidance system to guide the owner to stop and pick up the vehicle;

3. The non-contact IC card records the user's parking information, and provides the function of car tracking.

Software system:

1. Use the database system to realize the function of collecting vehicle information and establish a garage management system;

2. The whole system adopts RS45 communication and Modbus-RTU protocol communication. Finally, the design verification was achieved through experimental verification.

The above is what we recommend to everyone about the application of industrial control computers in intelligent parking systems. The embedded computer hardware built by Incons, on-board high-speed memory, supports USB3.0 high-speed storage, and has excellent multi-stream real-time encoding (decoding). Ability to support multiple display output formats, which can be widely used in intelligent parking system solutions.