Application of TBOX-3XX0 in Machine Vision Project

- Mar 27, 2020-

What is PoE?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology was first proposed by Cisco in the 1890s. However, it began to be used on a large scale in industrial applications at the beginning of the 20th century. The 'PoE' description defines all power conversion systems that transfer data and power through a network cable. With the development of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things applications, PoE technology has been violently developed in recent years. We can foresee that 'PoE' technology will become a core technology in the artificial intelligence, intelligent robot, industry 4.0, and IoT markets.


Typical machine vision PoE applications

Generally speaking, in a network environment, industrial cameras are connected to PoE converters or shunts via CAT 5 cables. The converter is connected to a wall power supply through a power cable and a computer data processing system through a gigabit network cable.

Now, a fanless industrial computer with a PoE port can easily and effectively implement such functions. The industrial camera is directly connected to the PoE port of the industrial computer. There is no need to connect an additional PoE converter or shunt. At the same time, the entire equipment and solution can also reduce costs.


Benefits for machine vision users

Because PoE cables can simultaneously transmit power and data through Category 5 network cables, which can reach distances of up to 100 meters, he allows industrial cameras for machine vision applications to be used normally in areas that were previously inaccessible, such as High-rise buildings, outer roofs, independent columns and perimeter buildings without dedicated power sources. The PoE machine vision network environment platform is very simple and flexible. PoE devices collect commands and exchange data faster than the technology without PoE integration.

A machine vision network environment using a resolute PoE system can have many advantages. A fanless industrial computer with PoE function does not need to consider some other complicated power technologies, which can make the entire machine vision application simpler and more effective.


TBOX-36x0 series has

developed a latest compact & rugged, high-performance industrial embedded computer for machine vision applications . It integrates Intel 6th-generation Core i3 / i5 / i7 processors to provide advanced processing performance and low power consumption performance. TBOX-3xx0 provides a variety of communication interface configurations, including 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports (4 network ports support PoE function). In addition, the industrial computer can operate in the temperature range of 20 ~ + 70C, which is very suitable for some complex industrial field environments.