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- Apr 11, 2019-


Whenever people is using an industrial monitor or industrial panel computer in outdoor environment. The sun-readable display is mandatory features to users. Beside this, some people still find some difficulties to look on the display screen directly. So it refer to AR treatment display or AG treatment display.

Noun interpretation and principle:

AR - anti-reflection, by increasing the glass (screen) transmittance, reducing the glass (screen) reflectivity to achieve the purpose of penetration. There are many materials to choose from, generally high-low refractive index materials are cross-stacked and plated, and vacuum evaporation plating or magnetron sputtering plating can be used.

AR treatment display

Principle: When light is emitted from the light-dissipating substance to the light-tight substance, the reflected light will have a half-wave loss. After the AR film is coated on the glass, the difference between the reflected light of the surface and the reflected light of the front surface of the film is exactly half a wavelength. The reflected light of the two surfaces before and after the film is cancelled, which is equivalent to increasing the energy of the transmitted light. And it is possible to simultaneously reduce the reflection effect by simultaneously coating both sides of the glass by coating both sides of the glass.

AR treatment display

Applications: glass, acrylic (PMMA), PC, CR39 and other organic glass.

AR coating product features:

   1) High penetration: nano-scale optical coating technology can increase the transmittance of ultra-white glass by 2-3%;

   2) Durable: can be kept in harsh environment for 25 years;

   3) Prevent condensation: significantly inhibit condensation on photovoltaic glass;

   4) Anti-scratch hardness: 1H hardness anti-scratching effect can be added after coating;

   5) Anti-water accumulation: the water drops on the top of the water droplets reach >110°, the panel slides automatically under the tilted state, and does not affect the view feeling;

   6) Easy to clean: and can reduce the amount by 80%, it is easy to clean

So, we customized lots of touch monitors and industrial touch panel pc to our customers, especially for outdoor environment applications. We are able to discuss with customers for AR treatment display panel issue, discussing to integrate such AR treatment display into the touch monitor and panel computer products. Of course, it will increase the readablity under outdoor environment.

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