Automation helps industry 4.0 AGV technology step to return!

- May 30, 2018-

2017 is an intelligent leap period. From the events of the industry in the first half of the year, this trend has already arrived. In the past few days, Ali's first unmanned supermarket has opened, everything is automatic, and we are now silently entering a new era of intelligence. As for the industrial base of manufacturing, goods circulation, etc., the need for automation upgrade is more urgent. AGV – an important core component of automation technology upgrades – is certainly one of our focus. Actively participate in and pay attention to the development of AGV. Through these changes, let us review the story of some AGVs in the first half of 2017.

Recently, the China CIROS Robot Exhibition was held in Shanghai and is regarded as one of the three largest robot exhibitions in the world. Among the industry giants, Xinsong brought composite robots, Kunming's industrial-grade AGV debut and some new companies developed in recent years such as Hebei Shumat, Suzhou Omega and other AGV manufacturers. At the same time, two system control technology companies, Si Ke and Kollmorgen, also participated in the exhibition. These top international system technology companies are full of confidence in China's huge market. The domestic companies that focus on systems and technologies have gradually emerged, such as the emergence of some technology companies such as Radium God, Hikvision, Yingke Vision, Tianhe Electronics, and Lingluo Technology.

At the Guangzhou Intelligent Equipment Exhibition in May this year, the AGV wave was sweeping the entire exhibition. The first-line reporters of China's AGV network visited a number of AGV companies through a few days of busyness. Regardless of technology or strength, the practical value of AGV has penetrated into various industries. In solving many fields such as logistics warehousing, manufacturing, artificial intelligence, etc., AGV's commitment is not the improvement of technology and efficiency, but also the responsibility of an era of development.

In South China, one of the manufacturing centers of China's manufacturing industry. Since the reform and opening up, we have clearly seen from the crowds of Guangzhou Railway Station every year that every year, artificial surges to these world-class manpower factories. With the improvement of the industrial level of intelligence and automation, the labor force has risen, and enterprises are facing problems such as labor and panic. The direct solution to these problems has driven the technical needs of AGV and automation.

At present, the extensibility and intelligence of AGV technology are combined to maximize the application level of automation, and the integration of AGV related technologies will have more powerful functions. Such as storage robots with functions such as handling, palletizing, sorting, etc.; AGV assembly lines used in production and processing; etc. This is the development direction of intelligent logistics in the era of Industry 4.0, and unconsciously penetrates into all aspects of human life. The expectations and concerns of warehousing AGV are also heating up sharply. In the future, the AGV market will become another trump card in China, and it is also attracted by the strong charm of the AGV market.