Automation technology affects everything

- May 11, 2019-

Automation and intelligent robots may reshape our world. According to institutional analysis, 50% of work will be replaced by machines in the next decade. These positions include workers in the transportation and logistics industries, office and administrative positions, and labor in the production sector. With the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence and high-end automation, many middle classes will also be eliminated.

Robots can get the job done in less time, and the chance of error is very small, which will make thousands of jobs in the factory be replaced, and manufacturing jobs will gradually disappear. As technology related to automation continues to advance, layoffs will become more radical. According to relevant research, 87% of manufacturing unemployment comes from the improvement of factory efficiency, which is the killer of blue-collar workers who are often cited.

Automated innovation addresses pressing issues in infrastructure, productivity and labor. Artificial intelligence and automation will usher in a cheaper product era. But when intelligence becomes super-smart, machines that are smarter than smart people pose a greater risk, people and machines will enter the competitive phase, and many will lose in the course of competition.

Many people believe that artificial intelligence will bring more economic benefits to society, and enterprises use artificial intelligence in production and decision-making to improve overall efficiency. But in the short term, the transition to production intelligence is disturbing, and the replacement of a large amount of work can have devastating effects.

We are welcoming an unprecedented change, and with the advancement of automation technology, the way we work has changed. Equipped with a learning ability program, an intelligent system with independent decision-making computing capabilities will eliminate more technical and non-technical jobs.