Beidou system boosts smart manufacturing

- May 17, 2019-

At this year's National Conference, the "Industrial Internet" became a "hot word" and was written into the "Government Work Report." The report proposes to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing, strengthen the industrial base and technological innovation capabilities, promote the integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, and accelerate the construction of manufacturing power. Create an industrial Internet platform, expand "smart +", and empower the manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

Coincidentally, in the "Beidou + Intelligent Manufacturing" high-end summit last year (2018) - Nanjing Beidou Satellite Navigation Application Expo and Beidou Summit Forum, the expert delegation headed by academicians such as Liu Jingnan, Jin Shuanggen and Jing Guifei also The same concept of industrial development was put forward—that is, the main idea of “Beidou empowering intelligent manufacturing is more precise”, combined with emerging technologies such as 5G and Industrial Internet, to build the core competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry.

Then, in the upcoming 5G era, how to integrate the advanced concept of “Beidou+Industrial Internet”?

First of all, the essence and core of the Industrial Internet is to closely integrate equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, products and customers through the industrial Internet platform. Among them, high-precision positioning and accurate timing will play a key role. It is the outstanding advantage of the Beidou system compared to other GNSS systems. Secondly, the Industrial Internet can help the manufacturing industry to lengthen the industrial chain and form inter-device, cross-system, cross-plant, and inter-regional interconnections to improve efficiency. Promote the intelligentization of the entire manufacturing service system. Accurate positioning across regions, coordination and synchronization, monitoring and monitoring, Beidou system is completely free of problems. Finally, the Industrial Internet is also conducive to promoting the development of manufacturing facilities, achieving leapfrog development between manufacturing and service industries, and making various elements of the industrial economy. The ability to share efficiently, improve efficiency, promote innovation, and combine the new concept of “Beidou+Intelligent Manufacturing” can better promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises and promote the rapid development of the domestic real economy.

Academician Sun Jiadong, the "Father of Beidou" once said: "To develop the Beidou satellite, you have to do ‘good use in the sky, good use on the ground’!

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