Boost flexible manufacturing, achieve personalized production

- May 27, 2019-

The global population is approaching 8 billion, and the middle class consumer group is expanding, which is expected to form a huge market, which will have an impact on the consumption layout. Systems with customer needs and product "information" capabilities have become the new core of hardware product sales, and personalization has become a trend. In order to meet the diversified and individualized needs of products in different markets around the world, production companies need to update existing production models, and production models based on flexible technologies have become a trend. The International Production Plant Research Association is defined as a flexible manufacturing system that is capable of producing any range of product families with minimal human intervention. The flexibility of the system is often limited by the product family considered in the system design. . The arrival of flexible production has spawned the demand for new technologies.

On the one hand, flexible production has high requirements for flexible mobility and differentiated business processing capabilities of industrial robots in enterprise factories. 5G leverages its unique and unique advantages to facilitate the massive spread of flexible production. The 5G network enters the factory, and while reducing the cable cost between the machine and the machine, the continuous coverage of the high-reliability network enables the robot to have unlimited active areas during the movement, and arrive at various locations as needed, in various scenarios. Uninterrupted work and smooth switching of work content.

5G networks can also enable a variety of business needs with differentiated features. In large factories, different production scenarios have different service quality requirements for the network. The key to the high-precision process is delay, and the critical tasks need to ensure high reliability of network reliability and real-time analysis and processing of large-flow data. With its end-to-end slicing technology, the 5G network has different quality of service in the same core network and can be flexibly adjusted as needed. If the report of the device status information is set to the highest service level.

On the other hand, 5G can build a comprehensive information ecosystem that connects people and machines inside and outside the factory, ultimately enabling anyone and anything to share information with each other, anytime, anywhere. While consumers demand personalized goods and services, the relationship between enterprises and consumers changes, consumers will participate in the production process of enterprises, consumers can cross the region through 5G network, participate in product design, and query products in real time. status information.