Chinese industrial Internet development advantage

- May 30, 2019-

The development of industrial Internet is a long-term iterative, trial-and-error, and evolution process. It requires all sectors of society to maintain strategic strength and endurance, actively cooperate, explore together, develop and innovate, and strive for practical results, and help China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

First, to promote applications with business needs and application value. Guide enterprises to strengthen cooperation, establish a hierarchical classification of industrial equipment data collection system, achieve the underlying standardization of manufacturing resources, and promote the interconnection of various elements. The industry and sub-fields will be developed to map the business needs of industrial enterprises, as well as the tools and methods of platforms and platforms for industrial enterprises, and to scale the application of industrial Internet platforms with enterprise demand. Encourage basic, demanding, and motivated enterprises to conduct business optimization and model innovation based on the industrial Internet platform, conduct typical case mining through multiple channels, and explore the formation of replicable and scalable theories and models.

Second, guide the development of industrial Internet synergy with industry standards. Strengthen the cooperation mechanism for the construction of the industrial Internet standard system, build a combined promotion method combining government guidance and market autonomy, and coordinate the promotion of industrial Internet development standardization. Accelerate the construction of a sound industrial Internet standards system, organize research on integration standards, and develop a roadmap for standardization of industrial Internet. Innovate standard formulation and application promotion mechanism, based on enterprise application verification, summarize development rules, carry out standard formulation and revision, and accelerate standard application promotion through publicity training, consulting services, test evaluation, etc.

Third, to enhance the ability of finance to serve the real economy with a new model of industry and finance. Exploring the financial application value of industrial Internet platform data, enriching the original financial data model, introducing real-time dynamic data covering the whole process of enterprise manufacturing and management, enhancing the financial intervention ability of the real economy, improving the level of financial integration resources, and improving the financial industry's service. Willingness to develop the real economy. Encourage financial enterprises and industry enterprises to take the lead in setting up industrial funds with market-oriented operation and professional management, and investing in key areas to build a good industrial ecosystem.

Fourth, promote the healthy development of the industrial Internet with a security system. Adhere to the simultaneous development of the security system and the development of the industrial Internet, to promote security and promote development with security. Strengthen government supervision and guidance, improve the security policy system, improve the security mechanism from hardware to software, from application to data, and build industrial Internet security capabilities such as security monitoring, risk warning, emergency response, security protection, detection and evaluation, and technological innovation. Implement the responsibility of enterprise security main body, and put forward safety management and protection technical requirements for application enterprises, platform enterprises, solution service providers and other subjects, promote enterprises to implement protective measures, and improve the overall level of industrial Internet security protection.