Cloud computing provides flexible analysis capabilities

- Jun 05, 2019-

Before the advent of cloud computing, traditional data warehouses were not built for the sheer volume, speed, and variety of modern data. In modern society, the collection and processing of data becomes more complex and diverse, but companies must still effectively store and organize this data. One of the biggest challenges for global companies is to ensure that their diverse data structures can coexist and be continuous as a single source of truth. This is why cloud-based data warehousing stands out.

TAICENN Cloud computing

Cloud-based services are not limited by the physical space of the data center within the enterprise. Cloud computing data warehouses provide tremendous scalability and can increase storage to a few petabytes level, independent of the computing resources required to analyze the data. This provides a very flexible storage and processing architecture to meet future needs.

Fundamentally, organizations must leverage their data through extensive data analysis. The benefits of data analysis are many, but it is shocking that 70% of UK organizations are still not getting value from big data. Cloud-based data warehousing is ideal for data exploration because of its on-demand, resilient, and scalable nature. Most companies need to integrate new data to update reports and dashboards in real time. Without the use of cloud computing, the process of obtaining this stream data is not possible. The ability to quickly upgrade hardware and securely store unlimited amounts of data makes the cloud an ideal location for big data analytics.