Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

- Jan 23, 2019-

At present, the global manufacturing industry is accelerating to the era of digitalization and intelligence, and the impact of smart manufacturing on the competitiveness of manufacturing industry is growing. Generally speaking, intelligent manufacturing is the information-based manufacturing that realizes the ubiquitous sensing conditions for the whole life cycle of products. To achieve this, it is inseparable from the technical support of a powerful computer integrated manufacturing platform (CIM).

CIM (Computer-Integrated Manufacturing) is translated into computer integrated manufacturing in China. It is also called computer integrated manufacturing and computer integrated manufacturing. It is a system that integrates and manages all activities in the manufacturing process by using information technology such as computers, networks and communications. Since the concept of CIM was put forward, it has been enriched and developed over the years, driven by the world's industrial countries. The concept of a hundred contends has evolved into a period of vigorous development. Its main purpose is to integrate the individual automation systems within the plant to achieve overall benefits and avoid the formation of automated silos.


The CIM system has three basic key elements to achieve the goal of flexible design and production:

1. Method of storing, extracting, using and presenting data

2. Detection status and self-correction mechanism

3. Method of combining discrete subsystems

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