Computing capability change future

- Apr 20, 2019-

Computing capability, also known as computational power, is the computing power of a device as its name suggests. As small as mobile phones, PCs, and supercomputers, computing power exists in various hardware devices. Without the power, there is no normal application of various software and hardware. It's just that we usually only use a variety of technology products, and it is not directly described by computing power.

In the case of a personal PC, the price of a product with different configurations will also be high or low, depending on the difference in CPU, graphics card and memory of different configurations. High-profile PCs have higher computing power, can play games with higher configuration requirements, and run 3D class and audio-visual software that consume more memory. Low-profile PCs are not enough, so you can only play ordinary games and run general office software. To the industrial & embedded applications, the computing ability is also very important, which can influence the industiral automation implement.

Similarly, playing online games, mobile phones with higher computing power are more fluent, and mobile phones with insufficient computing power will be stuck.

Want a mobile phone with higher computing power to play the game is not stuck, not only need more core and higher frequency CPU, but also need more memory, and a more stable and fast network. Therefore, network, storage, and computing power are the three main factors that determine the computing power of mobile phones.