Construction of Intelligent Factory for Machine Tool Manufacturing Enterprises

- Jan 19, 2019-

Domestic machine tool factories are mainly distributed in Northeast, Shandong, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. It is the original power for most machine tool manufacturers to implement intelligent upgrading (the earliest is informationization) to solve the problems arising from the internal operation of enterprises and meet the needs of users for product quality traceability.

Domestic machine tool enterprises have formed different intelligent upgrading styles: old state-owned enterprises have deep roots, but there are many problems left over from history, the reform pace is arduous, but they can find new ways; small and medium-sized machine tool manufacturers are more willing to use external forces for intelligent upgrading and transformation.

There are regional differences in the path of upgrading: most of the northern areas are state-owned enterprises, and the internal processes are complex and difficult to promote the intelligent upgrading; most of the southern areas are private enterprises, which have higher cost control, but have higher acceptance of new things, and are willing to "be the first person to eat crabs" in order to obtain more added value and return.

Whether real-time data is valuable or not is the real judgment standard of intelligent factory. However, there is no real machine intelligence factory in the world. The construction of intelligent factory in China's machine tool industry needs two steps.

From January to November 2018, the main business income and total profit of China's machine tool industry are still in the growth range, but the growth rate continues to shrink month by month since the second half of the year. Research shows that in the first three quarters of 2018, the market of automation products in machine tool industry has been growing. In addition to technical exchanges and new product promotion, automation suppliers are also very willing to import advanced digital solutions into machine tool enterprises to help them carry out intelligent upgrade and transformation.

Machine tools, known as the "industrial mother machine". Internally, it provides an important means for the development of new technologies, new products and modern industrial production. It is an indispensable strategic industry. Externally, it can change a country's military equipment and military strength, and also change the delicate situation of the world. However, legends can only be written on the cutting edge.


When people are concerned about how high-end CNC machine tools are, we are more concerned about the intelligent factory construction and intelligent upgrade of these machine tool manufacturing enterprises themselves. More advanced, intelligent and digital manufacturing environment is bound to cast a glow on the machine tools and equipment produced.

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