Customized Rack mount Industrial monitor used for high speed dynamic balance machine system application

- Aug 28, 2019-


With the rapid development of industrial production, rotary machinery is gradually developing into high-precision, large-scale, and high-speed direction, making the problem of mechanical vibration more and more prominent. The severe vibration of the machine brings a series of hazards to the machine itself and its surroundings. Although the causes of vibration are various, it is generally considered that "unbalanced force" is the main reason. According to statistics, about 50% of mechanical vibration is caused by unbalanced forces. Therefore, it is necessary to change the mass of the moving part of the rotating machine, and to reduce the unbalanced force, that is to balance the rotor. At the current industrial production of automation, The conventional balancing machine cannot fully meet the application demands, especially at the current industrial production of automation. The demand for automatic high-speed dynamic balancing machine with high precision, convenient operation and batch detection and proofreading is more and more urgent.

However, from the perspective of market growth in recent years, especially in the field of automobile and motor production, the demand for high-speed dynamic balance machines has gradually increased. Enterprises have increased the purchase of more advanced automated high-speed dynamic balance machines. It is expected in the future, with the improvement of Chinese high-speed dynamic balance machine production, the development of the industry market will be further accelerated.


Application requirement analysis:

In many areas of automation, there are more and more automated system applications that require fault tolerance and high reliability, and downtime will cause big losses. The balance machine is a machine that measures the unbalanced size and position of a rotating object (rotor). It must have a high stability and high reliability main controller parts, to overcome the disadvantage of the distributed control system, and to perfectly combine the functions. The hardware components include power module, CPU module, Ethernet module, communication module, IOs module, signal module, and HMI display part. The hardware and the software are perfectly combined to ensure the smooth operation of the high-speed balance machine, to detect and correct the dynamic balance of the rotor.

TAICENN cooperates with a domestic big balance machine manufacturer in China, to supply a human-machine interface rack-mounted industrial monitors for its 19.0 inch high-speed balance machine cabinet.


TAICENN solution & product:

According to application assessment and analysis, TAICENN customized a rack-mounted industrial monitor (Model: TM-RG170-HW), used as a HMI monitoring devices for its system. TM-RG170-HW monitor is designed with full metal structure, standard 19.0 inch 8U rack mount methods for its cabinet, 17.0 inch LED backlit industrial LCD display, high strength tempered glass protection, custom requested color, OSD button in rear panel, industrial -20 ~ + 70C operation temp. for complicated industrial onsite environment.

Product features:

1. 17.0-inch LCD display, LED backlit, HD 1280 * 1024;

2.  Tempered glass protection, no touch integrated;

3.  Aluminum-magnesium alloy, high-temp. baking treated;

4.  Dual signal ports, 1* VGA + 1*DVI interfaces;

5.  Standard 19.0 inch 8U rack mount cabinet;

6.  Industrial operating temp. -20 ~ +70C;

7.  OSD button in rear panel.