Data promote intelligent manufacturing virtually and really

- May 30, 2019-

Intelligent manufacturing consists of multiple parts, first of all data, computing and connectivity, including big data, IoT and cloud computing technologies. All facilities in the factory have networking capabilities that allow large-scale use of sensors for data collection. Powerful storage, transfer and processing.

As long as the sensor or actuator is embedded in the physical object of the factory site and can be connected by wireless or wired network, the low-level data of the factory can be easily collected, and the data will be transmitted to the computing center for analysis, and all physical objects can be Or perceive your own environment and communicate with each other.

Second, digital technology can be converted into physical operations, the main purpose is to reduce the cost of production, expand material selection and improve product accuracy and quality. For example, after the additive manufacturing is based on the complete detection of the digital model, 3D printing sanctions are applied to avoid design errors and reduce material waste.

The same is true for advanced robotics, which can simulate simulation tests based on artificial intelligence, machine vision and IoT communication. Physical transformation into a virtual world, and things in the virtual world can be used in the physical world.