Demands for warehouse robots explodes

- Dec 29, 2018-

The world's leading warehouse mobile robot company announced that more than 3 million mobile robots were produced in the warehouse in November, a number that has broken previous records. It is reported that the company's customer base is growing, including retail customers, third party logistics and port logistics groups, mobile robot applications are rapidly expanding. 


In recent years, the rapid development of global e-commerce, such as the United States Amazon, China's Alibaba and other enterprises have reached a market value of 100 billion dollars, and warehouse and logistics industry demand is expanding, creating a huge market opportunities for robots. Today, the logistics industry has set off a new round of changes, enterprises in the use of robotics, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies to improve operational efficiency. 

With the increasing expectations of consumers, logistics warehouse management is naturally a very important link, the use of robots to provide better personalized services for customers. With the rapid growth of e-commerce sales, logistics companies have to deal with a large number of needs urgently, at which time, robot solutions will play a key role.

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