Development of Mobile Communication Technology

- Jan 17, 2019-

Reviewing the development of mobile communication technology, the first generation uses analog technology, which can only support voice calls with limited area and distance; the second generation realizes digital voice communication, which can carry out simple voice and text interaction, such as short message and mail; the third generation is known as 3G technology, which is characterized by multimedia communication and can support voice, text and visual. Frequency interaction, however, due to the limited bandwidth, it is difficult to ensure the smooth effect of large amount of data interaction, such as video interaction; the fourth generation is the ongoing construction of 4G technology, which has greatly increased the communication rate, marking the beginning of the era of wireless broadband.

According to the test results of base stations made by current telecom service providers, 5G will be faster and lower power consumption than 4G, and theoretical bandwidth will exceed 10G per second. This ensures that you can download a HD movie in one second, while a 4G takes at least 10 minutes. Because of this unique advantage, the industry generally believes that 5G will play an important role in the fields of intelligent industry, driverless cars, VR and the Internet of Things.

At present, the 5G standard has not yet been determined. Smith, president of AT&T, believes that the definition of 5G may be defined in 2018 and that the formal 5G standard will be written by the United Nations Operational Communications Alliance in 2019. The 5G standard will define which wireless technologies can be called 5G and what features 5G has.

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