Digital future trends in manufacturing

- Jul 22, 2019-

In the next few years, the industry will become digital, and the Internet of Things is one of the main driving forces. IoT devices will proliferate and the number will exceed 10 billion. And around these devices, how to create data analysis and improve our business and life is a vital thing.

Traditional computing will be difficult to keep up with due to the large amount of data being transferred. To handle such large-scale data, it is necessary to use techniques such as cognitive computing to manage, evaluate, and improve information. Cognitive computing is part of the transformation of manufacturing to digital. New technologies can be implemented in stages, and cognitive computing is also suitable for this form.


In the future, the management of equipment in the factory is through sensor connection and analysis, obtaining a variety of data from equipment and production lines, and improving resource allocation such as labor and energy through cognitive understanding, ultimately improving performance efficiency and reducing unnecessary Downtime.

Understanding computing will play a key role in the future of manufacturing, for example, machine learning-based robots will become a focus area for future plant focus. The sales of industrial robots have confirmed the future direction, and the intelligent robots are equipped with sensors, easy to program, and with the support of artificial intelligence technology, will become smarter, more responsive and autonomy.