Digital manufacturing is not the same as full automation

- Apr 26, 2019-

In the field of industrial manufacturing, many people say that they are fully automated, but digital manufacturing is not equal to full automation. This is a deep misunderstanding. In order for a factory to achieve digital manufacturing, it must first be fully automated.

In terms of production flexibility in industrial manufacturing, machines are incomparable. Therefore, the future working mode is bound to be the relationship between people and machines. In the production and manufacturing of enterprises, many complicated information judgments, as well as some repetitive and dangerous work, can replace people with machines.

The decline in the demographic dividend is a direct factor in the increasing labor costs of manufacturing in recent years, and in addition to labor costs, manufacturing also has the cost of the supply chain. Digital manufacturing not only emphasizes cost reduction, but also provides high-quality products, and high-quality products are not equivalent to high costs.

With the decline of domestic manufacturing competitiveness in recent years, many companies are controlling costs, but in fact, the most important thing to pay attention to is not the cost of labor, but the cost of the entire industrial supply chain. As a labor-intensive manufacturing industry, labor costs are only a small percentage, not the entire supply chain cost.

In the entire digital manufacturing process, data interaction can effectively improve the efficiency of manufacturing management, while Industry 4.0, not only depends on the level of automation of the production line, but also the level of management. On the road of intelligent transformation of manufacturing in China, the management level is based on hardware devices.