Domestic robots roam the middle and low end

- Jan 15, 2019-

Since 2013, China has become the world's largest consumer of the robot, and has held the world industrial robot market head for three consecutive years; at the same time, the production of domestic industrial robot also shows the trend of explosive growth. It has brought great market to the industrial robot industry, but the constant “to be imposed on one's own” of the key parts of the domestic robot has not been a great breakthrough. 

In the industry, the industrial chain of the robot is divided into three levels: the upstream is the core component, mainly the speed reducer and the control system, which corresponds to the “cerebrum” of the robot; the midstream is the robot body, that is, the “body” of the robot; the downstream is the system integrator, Build a finished product by relying on upstream and midstream core devices. 

Not only the core components of the high school end depend on the import, but also the global important patent application of the industrial robot industry also does not see the figure of the Chinese local enterprise. It is known that the Japanese's Anagawa Motor Co., Ltd. and the Company are the first two of the world's first two, and ABB has 2231, Samsung's 2016 and HITACHI 1907, respectively. This also further verifies that China's industrial robot is at the lower end of the current production capacity. For China's industrial robot industry, it is also necessary to optimize the upgrade on technology and products. If you want to get a breakthrough from nature in the core components, you'll need more patience and investment. 

It is gratifying to note that with the rising of the high-tech industry, the Chinese machine manufacturers gradually realize the importance and necessity of the core components of the industrial robot in the robot host, and it is expected to break the foreign monopoly in this field and reduce the cost of the robot host. Find out the way out of the domestic robot. 

For the production enterprises of the core parts of the robot, there is also a good news. The vice-minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information, Xin Guobin, said that it would further integrate the industrial innovation resources, promote the establishment of the robot innovation center, and focus on the improvement of the quality and reliability of the core components, and also carry out the demonstration, popularization and application of the robot and the cultivation of talents. In addition, a number of local governments have given financial support to the implementation of the replacement of the machine and the upgrading of the smart equipment. This can reduce the high cost of the enterprise upgrading to a certain extent, and promote the development of the robot industry.

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