Embedded Intelligent HMI

- Apr 16, 2019-

In recent years, the word "embedded" has been mentioned more and more, and embedded products have been applied to all walks of life. Embedded related technologies such as embedded products and embedded systems research have also been listed as the key directions for the development of the “10th Five-Year” family.

The Embedded System is defined as: application-centric, based on computer technology, software hardware can be tailored to meet the requirements of functional, reliability, cost, size, power consumption of the special computer system.

With the development of industrial automation, automation systems based on PLC, MCU and other devices, automation equipment has become more and more popular, almost all areas of automation, and the corresponding human-computer interaction system has emerged as the times require, and has been developed simultaneously. The industrial man-machine interface based on embedded technology is a dazzling star in the human-computer interaction system. High reliability, long life, small size, high performance, multi-threading, multi-tasking, strong real-time and other features make the embedded industrial human-machine interface more and more popular with automation system integrators and automation equipment manufacturers. It can ideally and vividly display the data information on industrial devices such as PLC and MCU. It is powerful and easy to use. It acts as a bridge between the user and the machine as the upper device of the control device such as PLC. This product is currently widely used in industrial automation systems, medical, financial and other automation equipment.

As more and more engineering projects adopt embedded human-machine interfaces, the demand for application software such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), which is used by users, is also increasing. This is exactly the issue that this article will discuss. The embedded monitoring system mentioned here is hardware embedded intelligent human-machine interface; its software is embedded operating system, plus its own developed application. This article focuses on this monitoring application, focusing on the implementation of the communication part of the application.

Today, a variety of embedded operating systems have been developed, such as Linux, VxWorks, WinCE.net, etc., and it is possible to develop graphically and user-friendly applications to meet the requirements of the monitoring system. Just because embedded technology is relatively new and leading technology, there are relatively few people involved, so there are still few such applications.