Enterprises need to actively implement security policies

- Jul 22, 2019-

Due to the nature of edge computing, its security has different requirements than traditional IT infrastructure. At the edge, there needs to be autonomous protection to prevent cyber attacks or component failures to avoid unplanned downtime, so companies need to have a comprehensive edge security strategy to meet the needs of direct management of edge OT professionals while maximizing Reduce the risk of IT security issues.

Enterprises must proactively implement security policies, and if they are using edge computing, these security issues have to be considered. Edge security policies can be developed to protect the security of their data and networks by defining security, coordinating IT and OT teams and implementing security solutions.

Safety is the key to the large-scale promotion of edge computing. In the future, the intelligence of the factory will extend to every workshop and every piece of equipment, and an excellent safety protection scheme will enable the plant to run stably for a long time without being unpredictable. Troubled.