Five major difficulties in Chinese manufacturing industry

- Apr 22, 2019-

1. The ability of independent innovation is not strong, and the core technology is still short-board

According to the survey conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on more than 130 key basic materials in more than 30 large enterprises across the country, 32% of key materials are still blank in China, and more than 70% of intelligent terminal processors and most storage chips rely on imports. In the field of equipment manufacturing, more than 95% of manufacturing and testing equipment on key production lines such as high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, and automobiles rely on imports.

2, the product value chain is low, the heart is higher than the sky, Libby paper thin

Why does the price seem to be the most magic weapon for domestic companies? Why are our cars at low prices and machine tools always in the low-end and mid-range? Why has the manufacturing industry been unable to raise prices? Many of our companies do not want to innovate, dare to innovate, and even think that innovation is not as good as "copying new", blindly imitating, copying, paying attention to the market and not paying attention to technology. Without the support of technology, products can only be reduced to "flower shelf" without any gold, so talk about high value?

3. Poor production efficiency

In the eyes of many managers, the efficiency of an individual determines the efficiency of an enterprise. This conclusion may be established on the premise of a small scale in the early stage of enterprise development. But when the company develops to a certain stage, it will be found that high individual efficiency is not necessarily equal to organizational efficiency. The employees are very busy, but the urgent delivery can not be done, not urgently shipped, the goods piled up in the warehouse. Digitize and systematically solve production management and not just rely on the feeling of the workshop, only the individual efficiency.

4. The industrial structure is irrational and the institutional environment is to be optimized.

The reasons for the current difficulties in China's manufacturing industry are complicated. There are problems such as unreasonable industrial structure, disorderly expansion of production capacity, and the inevitable experience of industrial development. It is also affected by the impact of the international financial crisis. Just intervention and so on. The entry can't get in, but the retreat can't be retired. The reasons are not only technical factors (such as patent barriers, imperfect competition, etc.) but also institutional factors (such as market access barriers, market segmentation, etc.). In this case, the government should better play its active and effective role.

5, product quality problems, service system is not perfect

This foreign manufacturing industry is much better than us. For example, international machine tool manufacturers, when customers are worried about whether a machine tool can be successfully applied to their own production lines, international companies will eliminate customer concerns by providing a way from design to production integration, especially simulation tools; Financial constraints and delayed investment, international companies will provide customers with attractive financing services. Chinese manufacturing companies are still relatively new and weak in these areas.

So, the chinese manufacturing industry still have a big space to be improved. Then it probably will request intelligent manufacturing technologies. So it will be very important for us also to provide some help and support for this industry.