Flexible production factory or workshop of MES

- Apr 24, 2019-

This is generally the category of multi-variety, variable-batch, and mixed-line production that we are talking about. The site is often clustered to support flexible production.

The flexible production organization-driven MES customization key needs are as follows: First, there are a large number of order splits in the production process, including overall batching, process batching, etc., and also provide quick response and flexibility requirements for the associated material supply. This kind of MES pays more attention to progress monitoring and logistics monitoring, and pays attention to the quantity of work-in-process between process links. Otherwise, the orderly coordination of workshop operation is difficult to guarantee; secondly, it is extremely high for planned scheduling and dynamic scheduling. The requirements of production constraints are very complicated, which is the bottleneck of MES orderly coordinated operation. Thirdly, there are high requirements for the management of material warehouses, including tool holders and other tools. Generally speaking, the MES is all such MES. Correspondingly, this way, in fact, the pursuit of equipment status and SPC and other aspects is second. If the progress and material management mainline can be straightened out, the others are fine.

Although the flexible production organization highlights the flexibility, it is also compatible with the efficiency and quality consistency of mass production by planning the production and running out of the flow-oriented production effect, but this scheduling is also extremely complicated.