Flexible warehouse automation

- Jan 03, 2019-

Flexible Automation of warehousing: the arrival of the era of Large-scale replication

In 2018, under the characteristics of many kinds of electric goods, big business fluctuation and fast change, the rookie, based on big data's thought and innovative operation mode, has put on line China's largest robot warehouse in Wuxi future park. 

In 2019, flexible automation systems and operating modes will gradually converge, settling out the standard. Rookies will work with partners to establish standards that will drive the era of large-scale replication of automated warehousing systems. 

This means that the degree of digitization in the warehouse will be greatly increased, and the operation mode of the whole warehouse will be programmable, schedulable and optimized, which is the basis of the whole link intelligent logistics, and will further promote and enhance the digitization and intelligence level of the industry.

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