FMS becomes a new direction for smart factory construction in discrete manufacturing industry

- Mar 19, 2019-

How to realize the flexibility of production is the practical demand of many manufacturing companies. At present, many companies use a single CNC machining center or sheet metal processing equipment for the production of small batches and multi-component parts, although the flexibility of product processing is guaranteed. However, the equipment OEE is low, the fixture needs to be adjusted frequently, the process stability is poor, and the production efficiency is affected, which is difficult to meet the needs of the enterprise. In order to improve this situation, many enterprises have begun to pay attention to the most representative technology in flexible manufacturing. Manufacturing system.

This kind of system not only can support the enterprise's continuous “unmanned production”, but also can meet the processing and management needs of various varieties and small and medium-sized batches of enterprises, and can effectively reduce the inventory of blanks and work-in-progress, while ensuring the consistency of product quality. FMS is a workshop-level automation, flexible and intelligent open manufacturing platform. It has the horizontal and vertical integration conditions of the enterprise. It is one of the most effective ways to implement smart factory construction.

FMS system

Taking machined FMS as an example, it consists of several machining centers, robot deburring units and cleaning units, and rail transport vehicles. It is equipped with three-dimensional shelves, placing workpieces and tooling, and can complete from initial processing to finishing. Fully automatic processing; in addition to the main control computer, it is also equipped with a numerical control program management computer and a distributed numerical control terminal to form a multi-level control system or form a local network. The sheet metal processing FMS system can realize the entire sheet metal manufacturing process from sheet metal blanking, punching, bending to welding.

FMS enables enterprises to adapt to changes in market demand faster and better, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market, and continuously improve the overall efficiency of the enterprise. FMS can be widely used in the automotive, marine, aerospace, electronics and machinery industries.