Future Direction of Attention of Spraying Robot Integrators

- Jan 15, 2019-

So, as the backbone of the development of Spraying Robots in China, in the face of opportunities and challenges, how can domestic integrators develop? According to the forecast of professionals in the industry, the following three directions deserve the high attention of enterprises in the future.

Standardization. At present, because the spraying robot only has the relative standard of ontology, the standardization degree of industry development is less than 50%, and the promotion of standardization proportion will be conducive to the large-scale development of enterprises, so in the future, more and more enterprises will transfer the goal to the standardization of spraying robot ontology and technology.

Smart Factory. Intelligent factory is a new stage in the development of modern factory informatization, the core of which is digitalization. In the future, the building of smart factory or digital factory will become the main business direction of enterprises, which will require enterprises not only to increase the integration of hardware and equipment, but also to pay more attention to the integration of top-level architecture design and software.

Enterprise integration. In the future, the trend of enterprise integration will be difficult to resist. Ordinary spraying robot integrators are difficult to stand alone and can not be bigger. Enhancing integration will be the trend and way out after encountering development bottlenecks. In the process of integration, process and channel will be the key factors, and enterprises need extra attention.

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