Global Industrial Robot Deployment

- Jan 18, 2019-

Under the trend of automation and industrial robots deployment, the most impacted part of manufacturing industry is assembly line work, especially repetitive work is easily replaced by machines. Siemens and GE are representative global digital enterprises, as well as Foxconn and other large manufacturing industries begin to upgrade automation factories and deploy industrial robots to improve factory efficiency. Yang Jianyong, senior consultant of the Internet of Things, pointed out that the deployment of industrial robots in large quantities was accompanied by the reduction of labor force in manufacturing industry, which aroused global concern. With the development of robotics industry in full swing, it is bound to impact on human employment. Therefore, it is feared that human beings will face a large area of unemployment risk, especially in manufacturing industry, where simple and repetitive work will be replaced by robots. It is impossible to avoid it.


Globally, in Germany and Japan, where labor shortage is serious, industry is their economic engine. German industry 4.0 has triggered a new round of global industrial digital revolution. 75% of the production process of its Amberg factory has been automated. In China, Siemens has established a digital factory in Chengdu, which is the third industrial automation product in the world after Germany and the United States. R&D Center. This digital production mode promotes efficient production and increases the output of the factory by four times. In the past five years, the qualified rate of product quality has reached 99.999%, realizing a high degree of digitalization from product design to manufacturing process. Chengdu is one of the nine most advanced factories in the world by the World Economic Forum.

Aging in Japan is the most serious country in the world. Many years ago, a series of Robot Strategies were published. Robots are widely used in manufacturing, infrastructure, agriculture, services and medical care to cope with many economic and social problems caused by population aging. Japan is not only a big producer of robots, but also the world's leading supplier of industrial robots, accounting for 55% of the global market share in 2017 alone, an increase of 39% compared with 2016, according to the IFR World Robot-Industrial Robot Report 2018. In 2017, Japan deployed 297,000 industrial robots, second only to China, and China deployed 470,000 industrial robots.

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