Going to wireless network, the industry is more convinient

- Jun 04, 2019-

Wireless networks create greater flexibility in the manufacturing process, greatly reducing the time required to commission new production lines, even as the line conversion adjustments are much more convenient, enabling manufacturers to respond more quickly and to meet changing customer needs.

Industrial 4.0 network

The factory floor needs a reliable and secure connection so that it can be smarter, faster and more efficient than before. The dedicated wireless cellular network meets the manufacturer's requirements for ultra-fast data transmission, enabling a large number of devices to work together in real time. More importantly, the flexibility is high. When the factory is introduced from a new machine, such as a robot, it can be connected directly to the Internet.

The wireless network accelerates the landing of digital twins, helping the factory improve quality control. The mobile robot in the factory receives the status information of the surrounding environment through wireless connection, thus preventing collision with other objects and enhancing the safety of the factory equipment. Also, production equipment will be able to achieve higher efficiency and quality assurance through wireless connection.