How many common types of bios are in computer motherboards?

- Jan 10, 2020-

Currently, there are three main types of motherboard BIOS: Award BIOS, AMI BIOS, and Phoenix BIOS

The first is Award BIOS, which is produced by Award company, and its products are also widely used. However, the information in the AWARD BIOS is based on English and requires a relatively deep understanding of the relevant professional knowledge, which makes it difficult for ordinary users to set up. The main interface is shown below:


Next is the AMI BIOS, which was designed and manufactured by AMI. Most of the early 286 and 386 used AMI BIOS. It has good adaptability to various software and hardware and can ensure the stability of system performance. Of course, the current AMI also has very good performance, and the new version is still powerful. The main interface is shown below:


Finally, Phoenix BIOS, produced by Phoenix, is mostly used on high-end original brand computers and laptops. Its screen is simple and easy to operate, and it is better than Award and AMI in terms of performance and stability. So it should be the most common Bios at present. Its main interface is shown in the figure:


In fact, bios does not only exist on the motherboard, it also exist on the the computer's graphics card, network card, etc.