How the automation innovation change the world?

- Jan 03, 2019-

Automation technology is being applied to your home, car, office and factory, and will become a part of our daily life. 


In smart buildings and factories, machines and devices can think independently and talk to each other. Building managers and manufacturers look forward to the day when their devices will run on their own. But automation is not just for buildings and factories. When we drive home, the car will tell our house to turn on the lights. The office will adjust the temperature according to the number of people in the office. Traffic lights will know when to switch according to the traffic conditions of cars and pedestrians. All possibilities arise. 

"from robots in factories to electronic devices in applications such as modern power grids to smart home appliances, our lives will become more intelligent and interconnected with the constant progress of sensing and processing technologies," he said. "said Stefan of our European company. "contact points for our cars, homes and factories will collect real-time processed data and allow machines, robots and sensors to communicate with each other."

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