How to build an industrial Internet of Things?

- May 14, 2019-

Our expectations are the values of industrial IoT construction, and the others are methodologies. First of all, we must be both forward-looking and pragmatic in planning the Internet of Things. When thinking about the size of the black box, we have to be far-sighted. The design scheme should aim at the black box as small as possible, and the implementation plan selects the appropriate black box size according to the cost cost analysis, that is, choose the appropriate management granularity to ensure The balance of input revenue, even we can define the black box as much as possible to verify the feasibility of the industrial Internet of Things, the greatest possible reduction in the risk of industrial IoT implementation.

In short, we should determine the principles for the construction of industrial Internet of Things from several options:

   1. What results do you expect to receive?

   2. How do you expect to get the results you want?

   3. What does the information base need to provide?

   4. Can the Industrial Internet of Things obtain this information?

   5. How does the Industrial Internet of Things get this information?

   6. What is the price/performance ratio of getting this information?

   7. Regression analysis to assess whether the expected results are in line with economic benefits?

   8, landing implementation.