IIoT gives new breakthroughs in manufacturing automation

- May 11, 2019-

The world is setting off a new round of industrial revolution with intelligent manufacturing as its core. The deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry is triggering far-reaching industrial changes and forming new production methods, industrial forms, business models and economic growth points.

Known as the "manufacturing center" of the world, China is starting an unprecedented industrial revolution on the basis of the concept of "Industry 4.0" proposed by Germany. A production workshop that once had a lot of buzz, was gradually replaced by an unmanned factory with a roar of machines.

“Made in China 2025” is based on the current overall development level of China's manufacturing industry, improving the level of intelligence in manufacturing, and transforming to unmanned factories and smart manufacturing. This is the inevitable model.

Germany and China have different manufacturing bases. German industrial equipment and workshops have a good manufacturing base, industrial robots are mature and extensive, and there are also very specialized technologies in embedded systems and automation engineering.

Therefore, Germany's "Industry 4.0" is a measure for the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. With a strong technical foundation, it can directly implement information technology transformation.

Compared with the world's advanced level, China's industrial manufacturing level needs to accomplish the dual tasks of automation and information transformation.

However, this latecomer advantage has given China's manufacturing industry a smart factory, an excellent opportunity to accelerate transformation and take it one step at a time.