IIoT will drive small factory and machine development in the next 10 years

- May 10, 2019-

Industrial analytics and next-generation sensors are one of the Trends in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), helping to embrace the next generation of smart factories or Industry 4.0.

IIoT provides the necessary infrastructure for real-time data analysis, an important element of key plant applications and processes such as employee safety and quality control. Real-time decision-making also means greater responsiveness and efficiency, ultimately enabling companies to increase overall value for end users.

In addition to improving data analysis, intelligent networking machines can change the way consumers interact with products.

For example, as early as 2014, BMW and SAP launched a pilot project to connect the world's BMW cars to take the entire concept of the Internet of Things to a new level. When a car passes a BMW-certified store, it will receive offers and promotions, or first-hand information on free parking.


There is no doubt that companies, professionals, learning institutions, and all participants in the affected industries must be prepared for the inevitable future of connected devices.

From improving network infrastructure to adopting IIoT-friendly communications and marketing strategies to scalability testing of existing security and network designs, companies in affected industries must adapt all their current content to integrate the Industrial Internet of Things because all These are all important factors in the successful integration of IIoT.