In the 5G era, data centers will be important

- May 15, 2019-

5G is the latest mobile network and is scheduled to be officially launched in 2020. Compared with 4G or 3G, 5G has the characteristics of high speed, high reliability, low latency, and a large number of terminal networks. The delay is the time required to measure the transmission of data packets between two points. The delay of 5G network will be very high. short. 5G networks help develop technologies that must process data, including autonomous vehicles. So it can be said that 5G will have a wide impact on current and future data centers.

With the advent of the 5G era, data centers will generate more numbers. Compared with the original network, the amount of data supported by the 5G network will increase by 1000 times. Its wide availability may make people more eager to use 5G networks than ever before. Using a 5G network may mean that users no longer need more large-scale data centers. Specifically, they will be replaced by more local data centers near the mobile network tower. However, the data center required to process edge data will not be able to meet the 5G needs. Therefore, although the construction of large data centers may slow down, the demand for edge data centers may become larger due to the strong demand for 5G.

More and more edge computing and micro data centers are likely to significantly reduce the cost of smartphones used with 5G networks, as people may no longer need phones with powerful processing power and expensive components. For example, AT&T plans to build an edge computing data center and believes it will reduce its reliance on high-priced phones.