Industrial AR

- Jan 17, 2019-

In the future intelligent factory production process, people will play a more important role. However, due to the high flexibility and versatility of future factories, there will be higher requirements for workshop staff. Augmented Reality AR (AR) will play a key role in rapidly meeting the needs of new tasks and production activities. AR can be used in the following scenarios in intelligent manufacturing process: monitoring process and production process. Step-by-step production task guidance, such as manual assembly process guidance; remote expert business support, such as remote maintenance.

In these applications, auxiliary AR facilities need to be as flexible and portable as possible in order to maintain the work efficiently. Therefore, it is necessary to move the information processing function of the device to the cloud. The AR device only has the function of connection and display. The AR device and the cloud are connected by wireless network. AR devices will acquire necessary information in real time through the network (e.g. production environment data, production equipment data, and fault handling guidance information). In this scenario, the display content of AR glasses must be synchronized with the motion of the camera in the AR device to avoid the phenomenon of visual range out of step. Usually, the response time from visual movement to AR image is less than 20 ms, which will have better synchronization. Therefore, it requires less than 20 MMS to transmit data from camera to cloud to AR display content. In addition to the delay of screen refresh and cloud processing, the bidirectional transmission delay of wireless network is less than 10 ms to meet the needs of real-time experience. The LTE network can not meet the delay requirement.

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