Industrial big data is the core of a new round of industrial revolution

- May 17, 2019-

On May 14th, at the 2019 China Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Conference, He Yuan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that industrial big data is the core of a new round of industrial revolution and an important starting point for realizing industrial 4.0, industrial Internet and China's intelligent manufacturing. It will promote enterprises from "manufacturing" to "intellectual creation."

"Traditional industries are facing the impact of big data. In product development, process design, quality management, production and operation, etc., we are all looking forward to the birth of innovative methods to meet the challenges of industrial big data." He You said The era of big data has arrived. At present, China's industry is facing transformation and upgrading. It is urgent to integrate big data into the management and production operation process, and promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises to service and intelligence.

He said that in the industrial field, the benefits brought by big data applications will permeate the entire industrial value chain, such as industrial R&D, manufacturing, operation management, marketing, after-sales service and other product life cycles, the entire process of the industry chain, Link, analyze and perceive user needs, increase product added value, and build smart factories.

He introduced that industrial big data accelerates product innovation design, promotes supply chain analysis and optimization, achieves product sales forecasting and big data marketing, real-time optimization of production planning and scheduling, product quality management and analysis. The introduction of ubiquitous sensors and Internet technologies has made real-time diagnostics of product failures a reality, and big data applications, modeling and simulation techniques have made predictive dynamics possible.

Due to the high value density of industrial big data data, the variety of data types, the coexistence of multi-pregnancy heterogeneous structure data and structured data, the high real-time processing requirements, and the extremely complex data relationship, He You believes that the characteristics of industrial big data will be The ability to transform statistical data analysis into big data analysis, forecasting and decision-making capabilities, and promote traditional industrial upgrading and industrial integration are the core issues that need to be addressed.

However, He You also said that at present, industrial big data still faces many challenges. First, the lack of data, low data signal-to-noise ratio, and high difficulty in data analysis make it difficult to use big data technology. Second, big data brings new challenges to information security, increases the risk of privacy leakage, and the enterprise security management is not compliant, providing more opportunities for hackers to launch attacks. The third is how to create smart new products such as smart application software, smart infrastructure equipment, smart wearable products and smart home products. The fourth is how to create a new intelligent application system.

How to deal with these challenges? He You suggested: "We should create intelligent and autonomous equipment and systems, manufacture cloud services, and build process intelligent manufacturing systems."

He You said that industrial big data has unlimited potential and opportunities, and is more likely to enhance the original innovation ability. “We need to use the new “big data” thinking model to open up new ways for industrialization to achieve leapfrog development.”