Industrial Box computer used in intelligent garbage sorting system application

- Nov 22, 2019-

Garbage classification refers to a general term for a series of activities that convert garbage into storage, classification, and sorting and transporting it into public resources according to certain regulations or standards. The purpose of classification is to increase the resource value and economic value of waste, and strive to make the best use of it.
Garbage belongs to the public's private goods in the classified storage stage. After being classified by the public, the garbage becomes a regional quasi-public resource of the community or community where the public is located. After the garbage is transported to the garbage concentration point or the transfer station, it becomes a non-exclusive public resource. Shanghai has become the first pilot city in china for Chinese waste sorting, and now more and more cities are leading and enforcing the implementation of waste sorting management.


Application requirements:
Since the implementation of waste sorting, the traditional garbage sorting method has been inefficient, and the participation of residents is not high enough to solve the pain point of the last one mile of garbage collection. As an important part of the smart city, the intelligent garbage sorting and recycling system, using advanced information technology and Internet of Things technology, coupled with a reliable and stable industrial hardware platform, through the big data analysis, residents are very convenient to do garbage classification procedure, and garbage collection can be carried out reliably, solving the problem of garbage sorting from the source.

TAICENN solution & Product:
As a manufacturer of industrial box computers, industrial panel PC and industrial touch monitor products, TAICENN has repeatedly communicated with system-integrator customers to discuss and summarize the actual application environment and hardware platform requirements. The system requires a reliable fanless industrial Box computer, supports Ubuntu operating system; the system can support remote automatic restart function, support multi-serial ports and device communication, rich IO interface, such as USB, network and wireless expansion function.
TAICENN TBOX-2 series product perfectly meet the needs of practical applications, provide a rich IO interface, and can be optional with varieties of Intel CPU platforms. The industrial box computer can realize industrial wide temperature range of -20~+70C, which is perfectly applied to intelligent garbage sorting system.


Product Features:
● Rugged, compact, fanless sealed aluminum box design;
● Intel Baytrail J1900 2.0Ghz low-power processor;
● DC 9~24V input with overcurrent and overvoltage protection;
● Industrial operating temperature -20~ + 70C;
● Support watchdog function for remote management;
● Size: 236.5 x 150 x 60 (mm);
● Optional with 3G/4G / LTE, Wifi/BT wireless expansion;

● I/O interface: 6* USB, 2* GLAN, 6* COM, 1* HDMI, 1* VGA, audio.