Industrial computer maintains and expansion

- Dec 07, 2018-

Industrial computers, are designed to operate in harsh environments. They are also referred to as TBOX Computers because when folded down, the LCD and keyboard covers and protects the whole unit and it becomes the front of the box. Aside from the boxy design, a handle is also provided so it can be carried like a lunch pail or a brief case. You would typically think that a computer such as this is used exclusively for military purposes as it can tolerate strong vibrations, high temperatures and harsh weather conditions, but we are recently seeing an assortment in the customer base.Its versatility is so broad that more and more gamers are finding these powerful workstations perfect for home purposes. They are rugged, upgradeable, fully functional portable pc computers that not only offer flexibility in system configuration over a wide range of applications, but also have ultra high performance designs in a low cost aluminum alloy enclosure.

These units are self-contained, luggable, field unit workstations that provide up to 6 drive bays, a large flat panel display, and support for single and dual processors. Rugged computer meet military standards for harsh environments which make them stronger than a standard notebook computer. Unlike regular laptop computers, these Portable Computers use desktop parts, which gives you an option to carry your powerful workstation anywhere you want! How convenient is that?

Multi drive bays are also included as a key feature in this unit. A drive bay is a standard sized area for adding hardware to a computer and provides for higher efficiency and performance depending on its usage purposes. Overheating, instability, malfunction and damage can lead to a shortened component lifespan; therefore heavy duty ball bearing fans are placed on these units for better ventilation and filtration.

An expansion slot is an opening in the unit where a circuit board can be inserted to add new capabilities to the computer.Capabilities include adding more memory, better graphics, and support, which provides resources needed to save your data from power interruptions and offers much more efficiency. Because these machines were built specifically for easy maintenance and flexible expansion, you now have the ability to upgrade using industry standard components and add on cards. These add on cards plug into expansions slots and provide extra memory, communications interfaces, sound, I/O capabilities, device interfaces to extra disks or even extra processors in multiprocessor systems.